11F Akins Road rd2 Wanaka 9382 Dear Tony, 9th may 12:20pm I am Jack Landreth a year 12 student at Mount Aspiring College Wanaka. Our pathways class has been asked to invite an inspiring friend into class to talk about their interesting life for 10 minutes. So I would like to invite you into class […]

Technology in education makes everything easier. Teachers are always enthusiastically encouraging us to write online, which is perfect when it takes 90 minutes to find, replace and confirm my password to even begin writing. With a timeframe like that to even get started I couldn’t think of a better way of getting my ideas down […]

Hello and welcome to your personal online journal. This platform has been created to enhance and enrich your learning at Mount Aspiring College. Its purpose is to provide you with an audience for your work (or work-in-progress) and you have the choice (by altering the ‘visibility’ of your posts) of whether your work on here […]